Stock Photography by Steve Allen


I'm a Professional 'Stock' Photographer with over 42 years experience.

You can currently view 10,146 of my images by selecting from the categories in the yellow menu bar above....

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My work is represented by the following GETTY AGENCIES:


Also:  Foodpix (RM)    Stockbyte (RF)  *  RM Photolibrary  *  Lifesize  *  Creatas (RF)

I also submit to 4 other mainstream agencies and 11 'microstock' agencies

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Over the last few years I have concentrated mainly on Travel & Wildlife photography.

I have so far visited 88 countries across all seven continents.

My entire income is in the form of royalties earned by shooting non-commissioned images and video clips for "Stock"

   Steve Allen Photography was eastablished in May 1989