Globetrekkers snapshots

Snapshots of Steve and the crew, at work around the world, and taking a few moments R&R between shoots.

Pauline (PA) is my wife, she is my business partner and works as my assistant. She works with me on most of my overseas trips.

Zoe is my daughter who occasionally works for me as a model.

Martin Toole ABIPP is a good friend and fellow photographer who sometimes works for me on overseas trips. He works for me as my '2nd camera' to produce even more great 'stock' images to add to my library.                                                                                                         Martin is an INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER based in Wrea Green in northwest England.                                                              Contact him via his website:

(Images marked "XX" in the caption, are not just snapshots, but finished images that are on sale and fully model released. You will also find these images for sale on the relevant 'travel pages'.)

©Steve Allen  (Note: Only images marked 'XX' in the captions are for sale through my agents)

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